Welcome – A Note from the Team Rector.

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Hello! I’m Maggie Guite, and I’ve been Rector at St Mary’s since the beginning of July 2015.At the time of writing, I’m still very much finding my feet, but I’m very happy to have come to work in such a lively church, with so many people playing important parts in its mission and service to the village of Linton. My mission is to help those contributions flourish and to serve both the community of the church and the wider community of the village in whatever way I can. At the heart of what I do is my conviction that we can see that God is real, know his character of love, and experience his power to challenge and transform our lives, when we look at Jesus Christ and entrust ourselves to him. But this central motivation can take so many forms of expression – from worshipping and praying together to having fun together; in times of celebration and in times of sadness; in the time we spend working with our local schools and young people, and in our ministry of care and befriending to the elderly. I could go on….
I like people (generally!), and very much enjoy the atmosphere of living and working in a village, so I hope to be here for many years, living and working among you. I’m also (overall) responsible for the parishes of Castle Camps and Shudy Camps, Bartlow, and Horseheath. I hope that during my time we’ll be able to work and share together as a real Team to the benefit of us all.

Introducing St. Mary’s…
St. Mary’s is a vibrant Anglican Church at the heart of the community in Linton. The church has been established here for more than 800 years – and aims to be a place where people can be warmly welcomed and encounter God in the 21st-century…

As a family, we embrace a wide variety of church traditions. We take delight in our Anglican heritage, recognising that it provides a useful framework for developing a deep and well-rounded spirituality. But most importantly, we are a mission-shaped church; constantly seeking to present the Christian faith in ways that are meaningful and accessible for all who worship here.

We believe that God is at work in Linton and our task is to catch a glimpse of what he is doing – and then try to follow him in our mission and ministry. We value space and time to pray and reflect and encourage the deepening of spirituality for each individual member.