Pavilion Bookings

The Pavilion is our hall behind the church. It is used for church functions but can also be hired out for non-church related functions.

To book the Pavilion, you need to contact Hilary Angetter on 01223 892305 or by email.

To see whether the Pavilion is free on a particular date, you can check our Church Calendar.

What you need to know…

  1. There is a charge for use of the Pavilion. Hilary will be able to give you prices on request.
  2. Sadly, we cannot offer regular hires for non-church groups. This is not St. Mary’s being anti-social – but is part of the Contract which allowed the Pavilion to be built in the first place. Any non-church group or individual can hire the Pavilion only a maximum of 3 times per year.
  3. Users are responsible for leaving the Pavilion tidy after use. Because the Pavilion is used so regularly, it is important for each user to leave it in a suitable condition at the end of the hire, which includes taking away any rubbish, mopping the floor if needed and clearing up in the kitchen and toilet. Any user or group that does not adhere to this will not be allowed to re-book in the future.
  4. We understand that breakages happen and ask that all breakages are reported to Hilary so that we can organise replacement of goods if necessary.