St Mary's, Linton - Vacancy 


Message from David Watts, Churchwarden 14th January 2022

We are now potentially half way through the period of vacancy. The Parish Profile has been written and adopted by the PCCs of the five parishes in the benefice. Creating a Parish Profile is not a simple task. How do we sum up the life of a church in a few short pages? There is so much information that could be put in, and so many editorial decisions to make which are not easy. Inevitably there were cherished aspects which did not get a mention in the final document. It was not that they were unimportant. Sometimes it was because other things were more important other times because there were better ways of conveying this information than on paper. 
The Linton part of the Team Profile was put together as a team effort by a subgroup of the PCC. The three main written sources of information for this were 
         The previous parish profile (2015/7)
         The Reach Ely questionnaire responses (2021) 
         A village profile written by one of our ALMs as part of their training. (2020)
We also tried to talk to as  many people as possible about the parish and more specifically the type of Team Rector we were looking for. 
With these decisions made each part of the parish profile was written and made available for comment using Google Documents. The group then met on Zoom to discuss these sections arriving at a consensus wording. When all the sections were complete the whole thing was edited to give it a uniform style and remove any duplications. The group met and agreed this version before it went to the PCC for approval at a special PCC meeting in November. 
Once the PCC had approved it, with a few changes, it was sent out to the other parishes and the Churchwardens of the five parishes met with the Archdeacon to approve the introduction section to the team profile. The PCCs of the other villages in the Team had worked on their own profiles and these were added, with  minor changes made to the whole document to give a more coherent style and remove any duplication. The five PCCs then agreed to adopt the final document as their parish profile. The parish profile can be found here.

This has been a lengthy process but it has been important to get this right. This will be the principal document that candidates read to give them an idea about the benefice and who we are. Thank you for the prayers offered to guide us through this.

At this point other parishes have selected, or are in the process of selecting their representatives. We now have a timeline that we are working to which would mean that when Bishop Stephen comes to us in April he might be able to announce who Maggie’s successor will be. 

Going forward, please will you continue to pray for our finding the right person in your private devotions and when you meet together e.g. include it in your grace at meals. As part of all that is going on we are considering ways to encourage prayer for this important time of transition.