St Mary’s Telephone Support Line 

At this time it is very important we show love and concern for the people around us.

As of today St Mary’s is launching a telephone support line for the village of Linton. If you would appreciate a call from a friendly voice to see how you are or if you would be willing to make a few regular ‘phone calls please let Cathy Watts know. She can be reached on 01223 893687 or . If you are aware of anyone who you think would benefit from a call please get their permission before passing their details on. 
She will be coordinating a central hub from her home. Any requests made to the rector or church administrator will be passed on to her. If you already have people you are calling regularly it would be helpful to know so we do not duplicate calls.
She is hoping we will cover all members of the church, and all our friends and neighbours in the village. Thinking particularly of the old, lonely and vulnerable.
GDPR still remains, so she needs to know any person we are ‘phoning is happy for their number to be passed on!

With many thanks
Cathy Watts
26 March 2020