Sermons archive 2016 

Grace upon Grace. Christmas Midnight (32.0KB)
God with us – the Living God. Advent 4 A (35.0KB)
Harmony and Catastrophe. Advent 1 A (32.5KB)
Hidden kingship. Christ the King C (31.5KB)
Christian Belief in the life beyond this one. 3 Before Advent C (35.5KB)
Sanctity and Transformation. All Saints’ Sunday C (37.5KB)
Bible Sunday. 23 October 2016 (41.5KB)
Stewardship. Proper 20C. 18 September 2016 (47.0KB)
"Do you know what you’re taking on?" Proper 18C. 4 September 2016 (43.5KB)
Holidays and Holy Days. Proper 16C. 21 August 2016 (43.5KB)
Faith under Stress. Proper 15C. 14 August 2016 (40.5KB)
Living the present in the Light of the Future. Proper 13C. 7 August 2016 (38.0KB)
Vocation and Discipleship. Proper 8C. 26 June 2016 (36.5KB)
Outward and Inward disturbance. Proper 7 C. 19 June 2016 (38.0KB)
Compassion and Young Men. Proper 6C. 5 June 2016 (44.0KB)
Prickly Paul. Proper 5C. 29 May 2016 (42.5KB)
The Experience of the Spirit. Pentecost. 15 May 2016 (41.5KB)
Keep my Word - Peace I give you. Easter 6C. 1 May 2016 (44.0KB)
Disagreement in the Church. Easter 5C. 24 April 2016 (40.5KB)
Religious Experiences in the Fabric of our Lives. Easter 3. 10 April 2016 (42.5KB)
Fear and Victory. 2 of Easter C. 3 April 2016 (44.5KB)
Hope and the Mystery of Iniquity. Easter Vigil 2016 (39.0KB)
Unlikely Witnesses. Easter Day. 27 March 2016 (38.5KB)
Courage. Palm Sunday. 20 March 2016 (43.0KB)
Examine Yourself. Lent 3C. 28 February 2016 (44.5KB)
At the lowest ebb - what helps? Lent 1C. 14 February 2016 (22.7KB)
Thinking about Prayer. 1 Before Lent C. 7 February 2016 (30.5KB)
A light to lighten. Feast of the Presentation of Christ / Epiphany 4C. 31 January 2016 (77.5KB)
The Body of Christ and Christian Unity. Epiphany 3C. 24 January 2016 (45.0KB)
Marriage Gifts. Epiphany 2C. 17 January 2016 (42.0KB)
"Glory". The Baptism of Christ. 10 January 2016 (36.5KB)
Adoration. Epiphany (transferred). 3 January 2016 (39.0KB)