Sermons archive 2017 

The Extraordinary under the veil of the ordinary. Christmas 1B 2017 (105.8KB)
God’s Strength, God’s presence, and God’s Grace. Advent 4B 2017 (470.5KB)
What can we hope for? Advent 1 B 2017 (40.0KB)
Christ the King Sunday 2017 (40.0KB)
Enemies into Friends. Remembrance Sunday 2017 (34.0KB)
Wisdom and War. Remembrance Sunday 2017 (37.5KB)
Word from the past, word for the future. Bible Sunday 2017 (30.5KB)
Jesus the Revolutionary? Proper 24A 2017 (42.0KB)
‘It’s not fair!’. Proper 21A 2017 (41.5KB)
Forgiveness takes time. Proper 19A 2017 (40.5KB)
‘Look to the Rock’. Proper 16A 2017 (41.0KB)
God’s questions. Proper 14A 2017 (41.5KB)
The Feeding of the 5,000 – central to our faith. Proper 13A 2017 (39.5KB)
Wisdom. Proper 12A 2017 (40.0KB)
The parable of the wheat and the weeds. Proper 11A 2017 (40.5KB)
Wasted Seed. Trinity 5 Proper 10 2017 (28.5KB)
Being faithfully honest for God. Proper 8A 2017 (41.5KB)
The Hidden God. Trinity 2 Proper 7 2017 (31.5KB)
The Compassionate Mission. Proper 6A 2017 (44.5KB)
The means of grace. Easter 4A 2017 (41.0KB)
The meaning of the Passion. Passion Sunday 2017 (52.5KB)
Resonances from stories of two mothers long ago. Mothering Sunday (42.0KB)
The Garden and the Wilderness. Lent 1A (38.0KB)
Stretching your life. Ash Wednesday (36.5KB)
Salt of the Earth. Fifth Sunday after Epiphany (28.5KB)
Steps into Discipleship. Epiphany 2A (48.0KB)
A New Year – a time for a new start. The Naming and Circumcision of Christ (34.0KB)