Sermons archive 2018 

Christmas Midnight. 24th December 2018 (193.0KB)
A Voice in the Wilderness. 9th December 2018. Advent 2C . (96.1KB)
Advent in the real world. 2nd December 2018. Advent 1 C. (155.0KB)
Apocalypse and hope when the news is bad. Sunday 18th November 2018. 2 before Advent B. (103.7KB)
Poppies on Remembrance Day. Sunday 11th November 2018. (195.2KB)
Being a Disciple. Sunday 11th November 2018. 3 before Advent B. (311.9KB)
The Communion of Saints. Sunday 4 November 2018. All Saints. (109.1KB)
Making Eucharist. Proper 17B 2018 (103.9KB)
Listening to God. Proper 14B 2018. (97.7KB)
Penitence. Proper 13B 2018 (116.4KB)
Who are you looking for? Mary Magdalene and Worship. Proper 11B 2018 (112.6KB)
Interruptions and Peace. Proper 7B 2018. (681.6KB)
Disturbance. Proper 5B 2018 (550.0KB)
Fragile vessels. Proper 4B 2018 (209.6KB)
Trinity and Healing. Trinity 2018 (105.2KB)
Universal love in an age of increasing nationalism. Lent 2B 2018 (100.6KB)
‘Testing times’. Lent 1B 2018 (477.8KB)
Authority and Conflict. Epiphany 4B 2018 (120.3KB)
Meanings of Marriage. Epiphany 3B 2018 (482.4KB)