Sermons archive 2019 

Sermon Christmas day Linton (119.2KB)
Sermon Christmas eve Linton (129.9KB)
Sermon 'The obedienceof Faith' Advent 4A. Romans 1.1-7, Matthew 1.18-25 (114.1KB)
Sermon 'In a dark place' Advent 3A. James 5.7-10 and Matt. 11.2-11 (186.8KB)
Sermon 'Wake-up calls'.Advent 1A. Romans 13.11-14 Matt.24.36-44 (191.3KB)
Sermon Christ the King (119.8KB)
Sermon 'Apocalypse Now'. 2 before Advent C. Mal. 4.12 and Luke 21.5-19 (204.2KB)
Remembrance 2019 (128.2KB)
Sermon 'Foretastes of Heaven' 3 before Advent C. Luke 20 37-48 (154.0KB)
Sermon 'Upside-down living and its risks' All Saints Sunday year C. Luke 6.20-31 (153.6KB)
Sermon Trinity 19 Bible Sunday (141.6KB)
Sermon Trinity 18 (110.6KB)
Sermon 'Wrestling' Proper 24C. Genesis 32 .22-31 Luke 18.1-8 (190.2KB)
Sermon. Angels and Ministry. Michaelmas 2019 (183.0KB)
Trinity 13 Lost and found (141.5KB)
Trinity 12 Restore thou them that are penitent’ (129.6KB)
Sermon- 'Pride' Proper 17C. Ecclesiasticus 10.12-18; Luke 14.1 7-14 (180.0KB)
Trinity 10 'My father is still working, and I also am working' (152.0KB)
Trinity 9 What makes us stop and think? (150.3KB)
Trinity 7 Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty type of person? (129.1KB)
Trinity 5 'So Sarah laughed to herself' (141.3KB)
'You can't take it with you when you go'. Proper 13C. Ecclesiastes parts of 1 and (188.7KB)
The Intercession of Abraham. Proper 12C.GEnesis18.20-32 luke 11.1-13 (174.6KB)
23.06.19 Talk for all Age Service about Rublev icon (311.5KB)
Praying for others to come to faith. 2nd June 2019. Easter 7 (160.6KB)
Disappointment and Hope. 26th May 2019. Easter 6C. (173.6KB)
On not reading the Bible flat. 19th May 2019. Easter 5C. (155.8KB)
Forgiveness and Calling. 5th May 2019. 3 of Easter C. (172.5KB)
Hopes and dreams. 21st April 2019. Easter Day. (144.6KB)
Love and Loving Service - The Risks and Challenge. 18th April 2019. Maundy Thursday. (92.4KB)
The stones would shout out. 14th April 2019. Palm Sunday C (152.6KB)
Coming Home. 31st March 2019. Lent 4C. (144.2KB)
Who's fault is it anyway Give us a little more time. 24th March 2019. Lent 3C . (163.7KB)
What we learn from the fig tree. 24th March 2019 (112.4KB)
Elemental Chaos and Christ. 27th February 2019. 2 before Lent C (563.2KB)
Blessed are the poor. 17th February 2019. Proper 2 Year C. (633.0KB)
Catching and being caught. 10th February 2019. 4 before Lent C. (98.9KB)
Purification, Presentation and Salvation. Feast of the Presentation. 3rd February 2019 (97.6KB)
The gift of the old to the young. 27th January 2019. Epiphany 4 C. (97.1KB)
The Joy of the Lord is your strength. 20th January 2019. Epiphany 3C (111.0KB)
A moment of clarity in the confusion of our lives. 13th January 2019. Baptism of Christ Year C. (107.9KB)