25Feb18 Sermon ‘Universal love in an age of increasing nationalism.’ Lent 2B. Romans 4.13-25 and Mark8.31-38

18 Feb18 Sermon ‘Testing Times’. Lent 1B. Mark 1.9-15.

28Jan18 Sermon ‘Authority and Conflict’. Epiphany 4B.Revelations 12.1-6 and Mark 1.21-28.

21Jan18 – Sermon ‘Meanings of Marriage’. Epiphany 3B Psalm 128, Rev.19.6-10, John 2.1-11

31Dec17 Sermon- The extraordinary under the veil of the ordinary. Christmas 1 B. Gal.4.4-7, Luke 2.15-21

24Dec17 Sermon Advent 4 B ‘God’s Strength, Presence and Grace’

3Dec17 Sermon ‘What can we hope for’ Advent 1B

26Nov17 Sermon Christ the King Sunday Year A. Matthew 25.31-46 

12Nov17 Sermon ‘Enemies into friends’. Remembrance Sunday 2017.

12Nov17 Sermon ‘Wisdom in the World’. Remembrance Sunday 2017. Wisdom 6.12-16 and  Matthew 25.1-13

28Oct17 Sermon ‘Word from the past, word for the future’, Bible Sunday year A. Nehemiah 8.1-2, Matthew 24.30-35

22Oct17 Sermon ‘Jesus the Revolutionary’, Proper 24A. Matthew 22.15-22

24Sep17 Sermon ‘It’s not fair!’, Proper 20A Jonah 3.10-4.11 Matthew 20.1-16

17Sep17 Sermon ‘Forgiveness Takes Time’, Proper 19A Gen.50.15 21 Psalm 103.1-13 Matthew-18.21-35

27Aug17 Sermon ‘Look to the Rock’, Proper 16A. Isaiah 51.1-6, Matthew  16.13-20.

13Aug17 Sermon ‘God’s Questions’. Proper 14A, 1 Kings 19.9-18

6Aug17 ‘The feeding of the  5,000 – central to our faith’. Isaiah 55.1-5 and Matthew 14.13-21. Proper 13A

30July17 Sermon ‘Wisdom’ Proper 12A 1 Kings 3.5-12

23July17 Sermon ‘The Wheat and The Weeds’ Proper 11A, Matthew 13.24-30, 36-43

16July17  Sermon ‘The Wasted Seed’

25June17 ‘Being Faithfully hones for God’. Proper 8A. Jeremiah 20.7-13, Mathew 10.24-39

25June17  Sermon ‘The Hidden God’

18June17 Sermon ‘The Compassionate Mission ‘ Proper 6A. Ex 19.2-8a, Matt.9.35-10.8

7May17 Sermon ‘The means of Grace’, Easter 4A.Acts 2.42-47

2Apr17 Sermon ‘The Meaning of the Passion’. Passion Sunday 2017

26Mar17 Resonances form two stories of mothers from long ago. ‘ Mothering Sunday 2017. 1 Samuel 1.20-end, Luke 2.33-35

5Mar17 Sermon, ‘The Garden and the Wilderness’, Lent 1A, Genesis 2.15-17; 3.1-7 and Matthew 4.1-11

Sermon Ash Wednesday 2017

5Feb17 Salt of the Earth

15Jan17Sermon ‘Steps into Discipleship’ Epiphany 2A, Is.49.1-7 and John 1 .29-42

1Jan17 Sermon on the Naming and Circumcision of Christ


Christmas Midnightsermon 2016-Grace December 2016

Sermon ‘God with us- the Living God’.Advent 4_a 18Dec16

Sermon ‘Harmony and Catastrophe’, Advent 1a, Isaiah 2.1-5, Matthew 24.36-44 27Nov16

Sermon ‘Hidden kingship’, Christ the King C. Psalm 46. Colossians 1.11-20. Luke 23.33-43 20Nov16

Sermon 3 before Advent C.Christian belief in the life beyoond this one. 2Thess.1.1-5,13-17 and Luke 20.27-38 6Nov16

Sermon ‘Sanctity and Transformation’ All Saints’ Sunday C Eph 1.11-23 and Luke 6.20-31 30Oct16

Sermon for Bible Sunday C-The Bible and Community 23Oct16

SermonProper 18C on Philemon and Luke 14.25-33 4 September 2016

SermonHolidays and Holy Days – Luke 13.10-17 – Proper 16C 21Aug16

Sermon 15C ‘Faith under Stress’. Hebrews 11.29-12.2 and Luke 12.49-56 14Aug16

Sermon Living the present in the Light of the Future – Proper13C Luke 12.32-40 7Aug16

Sermon Vocation and discipleship Proper 8C.Galatians 51,13-22 and Luke9.51-62 26June2016

Sermon Outward and inward disturbance Proper 7 C.Luke 8.26-39 19 June 2016

Sermon Compassion and Young Men. Proper 6C. Galatians 1.11-24 and Luke 7.11-17 5 June 2016

Sermon ‘Prickly Paul’. Galatians 1.1-12, Luke 7.1b-10. Proper 5C 29May16

Sermon’The Experience of the Spirit’.Pentecost. Acts 2.1-21, John 14.8-17 15May2016

Sermon ‘Keep my Word- Peace I give you’ Easter 6C. John 14.23-29 1May16

Sermon Disagreement in the Church. Easter 5 C. Acts 11.1-8, John 13.31-35 24April2016

Sermon Religious Experience in the Fabric of our Lives. Easter 3 10April16

Sermon ‘Fear and Victory’ 2 of Easter C.Acts 527-32 and John 20.19-31 3April16

Sermon got Easter Vigil 2016 ‘Hope and the Mystery of Iniquity’

Sermon ‘Unlikely Witnesses’ Easter Day. Luke 24.1-12 27 March 2016

Sermon on ‘Courage’ Palm Sunday 2016 Psalm 118.19-29 and Luke 19.28-40 20March2016

Sermon for Lent 3C ‘Examine Yourself’ 28 February 2016

Sermon Luke 4.1-13, Romans 10.8b-13,Lent 1C 14Feb16

Sermon 1 Before Lent C ‘Thinking about Prayer’ 2 Corinthains 3.12-4.2; Luke 9.28-36 7Feb16

Sermon ‘A light to lighten’ for Epiphany 4C(Presentation of Christ) 31 January 2016

Sermon The Body of Christ and Christian Unity, Epiphany 3C 24 January 2016

Sermon Marriage Gifts for Epiphany 2C 17 January 2016

Sermon Glory – The Baptism of Christ 10 January 2016

Sermon Epiphany 2016 – Adoration 3 January 2016

Sermon ‘Grace and Truthin Jesus’ Christmas 2015. Hebrews 1.1-4, John 1.1-14

Sermon ‘The obedience of Faith’ Hebrews 10.5-10, Luke 1.39-45. Advent 4C 20 December 2015

Sermon ‘True Gentleness’, Advent 3C, Philippians 4.4-9 and Luke 3.7-18 13 December 2015

Sermon ‘God hasn’t finished with us yet.Advent 2C. Philippians 1.3-11 6 December 2015

Sermon on ‘The Nature of Advent Hope’, Advent 1C, 29 November 2015

Sermon’Son of Man, King of Truth’, Daniel 7 9-10, 13-14, John 18.33b-37 (Christthe King, year B) 22Nov15

Apocalypse Now Sermon.2 Before Advent B 15 November 2015

Sermon Disturbance, Disruption, and God’s Call. 2 before Advent B. Remembrance Day 8 November 2015

Sermon for St Luke’s Day onbringing in the Harvest 18 October 2015

Sermon Good and Bad Shpherds.( Proper 11B) 19 July 2015

Sermon on Receiving God’s message (Proper 9B) July 5th2015

Sermon ‘Resurrection and the Communion of Saints’ for All saints’ Day 1 November 2015

Sermon ‘Sell alll you have.’ Proper 23B 11 October 2015

Sermon Bartimaeus’s Testimony and Ours. Proper 25B 25 October 2015

Sermon for Harvest in Year B .’Do not fear…Rejoice and Be Glad’ 4 October 2015

Sermon Jesus our one essential Bread of Life. Proper 12B 26 July 2015